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Ask Theresa where her design inspiration comes from and she might describe an idyllic gondola ride in Venice, flowers spilling over window boxes, the grace and lightness of the city’s architecture. She might reminisce about the golden lights of Avignon reflecting on the Rhône, or the cultural experience of shopping on a cobbled Parisian street. Or she might detail England’s city of Bath, its crescent-shaped buildings and the jade-colored water of the Roman baths. Theresa’s design influences are classic. Elegant. Timeless.

Theresa grew up in New Jersey, where her family’s Finnish heritage established a strong connection to European design. She studied interior design in college, and almost thirty years as a designer in New York, Colorado, Arizona, and California cultivated her knowledge and love of fabric, texture, and natural materials. In 2014, news from a doctor interrupted Theresa’s career as an interior designer. She would need to undergo surgery and chemotherapy to treat a diagnosis of ovarian cancer. Fortunately, a life of unexpected twists and turns, of positivity and perseverance, had prepared Theresa for this experience, and she accepted it with that powerful combination of humor and hope. As she progressed through the treatments, her energy may have been stolen, but her desire to create never waned. What started as an experiment… designing a few pieces of jewelry to dress up her nieces… evolved into a passion, and a beautiful portfolio of unique custom earrings, necklaces, and bracelets was created.

Through the love and support of her late husband Burt, and her family and friends, Theresa successfully made it through her treatments.With their support, she embarked on a new journey: hand-crafted jewelry, named for her Finnish grandmother, whom she lovingly called Lulii. Each piece of Lulii Blu jewelry is meticulously crafted with that classic European influence… where the fusion of color, texture, and scale creates an elegant, wearable, piece of art.

Each piece is crafted by the hands of a survivor.

Contributions by Catherine Baldau.